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08 Dec 2016

At anytime you can walk to the bathroom just straight ahead for a refreshing warm shower, and then come back to bed again for an extended rest. You feel comfortable after a warm shower with a clean towel hugging your face. Shift your bathing from shower to royal tub and experience the enhanced personal pleasure of the water against your skin.

A marked feature of the Emblem Apartment pleasure enhancing bathroom is the large walk-in closets for wardrobe and storage since the closets are both part of the bedroom and the bathroom.

The luxury appointments in the well appointed Emblem Apartment pleasure enhancing bathroom are defined by the apartment model or the floor plan-based design. 

In the standard one bed and 2-bed apartment models of the Emblem Apartment pleasure enhancing bathroom, the bathroom space constitute a relatively larger portion of the total living space that gives greater convenience and enjoyment to the resident(s). 

The interiors of the Emblem Apartment pleasure enhancing bathroom enhance the experience of serenity and creativity. The interior design of every apartment speaks of harmony, functionality, wealth and warmth, enhancing a sense of satisfaction, safety and security for you. 

In select apartments of the Emblem Apartment pleasure enhancing bathroom, a dressing room or grooming area is installed along with large mirrors and pendant lighting. 

In all apartment models, the Emblem Apartment pleasure enhancing bathroom is embedded with brown walnut cabinets, white soft-grained hand wash sink granite countertops, pendant lighting that add to the features of the toilet, walk-in shower and royal bath tub. 

In the Unit B1, the walk-in closet is adjacent to the bathroom. Except for the closets and bathroom that have doors, the rest is an open area that includes the living, sleeping, dining and kitchen areas.

In the Unit D apartment model, the master bedroom, the walk-in closet and the bathroom are one contiguous area occupying almost one third of the entire 1,055 sq. ft. area. The other bedroom on the opposite end has a bathroom adjacent to the smaller bedroom. 

Light brown tiles line the floor of the bathroom, and the ambient lighting is complemented by a refreshing natural scent of the Emblem Apartment pleasure enhancing bathroom. Beside the grooming area is the sink where one can just wash the face or hands. The sink can also be used to wash small pieces and number of clothes and can be initially drip-dried at the towel rings. Granite tiles are used on the sinks table tops.

The Emblem Apartment pleasure enhancing bathroom has a variety of apartment models to choose from. Emblem Apartments has published for potential residents ten competitive Emblem Apartment Floor Plans, from the minimum 739 square feet of floor space to the largest 1,237 sq. ft. of space. 

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